Golden Eagle Jazz Band

Chris "Thumper" Thompson : Double Bass

Well known in the south of England, Chris's playing is steady and hard-driving, esssential for New Orleans dance music.

Alan Cresswell : Clarinet

One of the busiest clarinettist in the country and we're extremely fortunate to have him on board. His playing has rhythm, musicality and that must have ingredient, melody.

Kevin Scott : Band Leader : Tenor Banjo, Tenor Guitar & Vocals

Spent the early part of his jazz career running an Oliver, Morton, Armstrong style band, beofore going on to form the Golden Eagle. His playing is very much influenced by the revoval period, in particular, the music of  Bunk Johnson, George Lewis, Wooden Joe Nicholas, Kid Howard and Kid Bastien.

Roy Stokes : Trombone, Vocals

What hasn't this man done? You name them and Roy's probably played with them. He has a wonderful gutsy style, much in the manner of  Jim Robinson and Louis Nelson.

Malc Murphy : Drums & Vocals

Malc is one of the few exponents of the true New Orleans style, and as such has played with hundreds of bands both at home and abroad. His most most notable engagement was the seven years he spent with Ken Colyer's Jazzmen.

Richard Church : Trumpet, Cornet, Vocals

Heavily steeped in the revival period, Richard is at his happiest when playing the music of Bunk, DeDe, Wooden Joe, Kid Thomas and Ken Colyer. His mastery of this genre has proved to be a real asset for the band. Richard also delivers a lovely vocal.

Tony Karavis : Cornet

Tony is another player steeped in the New Orleans tradition. He has a lovely melodic style, and is a wondeful , happy team player. A real asset to the band.